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Spring School Programs


Booking Agreement for
End-of-School-Year Outings!

Please confirm dates with the office prior to filling this out. 

Contact Info

Booking Info


  • Your requested date will be confirmed by email. Date is not official until confirmed by Camp Centennial Office.

  • Camp Centennial's office will be in touch shortly before the date requested to confirm information and details. If you have any questions or would like to make any changes to your booking please reach out to the office (


  • Every student is required to have a signed Camp Centennial waiver. These must be signed by their parent/guardian prior to the student participating in any program offer by Camp Centennial.

  • Waivers must be collected by the teacher/school and presented to the Camp Office upon arrival for their Camp Day. 

  • Campers without a signed waiver will not be able to participate in Camp Centennial programs.


  • The cost per student is $13.04 plus tax ($15). 

  • Camp Centennial will reach out to confirm your numbers prior to the booking.

  • We require a confirmation of number of students attending at least 2 weeks prior. That number is what you will be invoiced for. The invoice cannot be changed after that time. 

  • Payment can be made by Visa, Mastercard, or cheque. 

Thanks for submitting!
We will be in touch within 72 hours

Spring School Group Overview

We are excited to host you and you students for a day at Camp this spring! Here is an outline of what that day will look like, including the general activities we will be running: 

Arrival: Upon arriving at Camp our staff will welcome your students and guide them to one of our Cabins where they can leave their things for the day. We will then run a few welcoming activities, finishing off with splitting them into groups. We typically mix all the classes before creating our own groups.

Activities: We rotate the students groups through 4-6 stations depending on group size. The amount of time they spend at each group depends on how long you are spending at Camp! Here are the stations:

  • High games - These are high activity, running games. Typically these games are run in the main field at Camp or the surrounding woods. These could range from tag style games, dodgeball and more!

  • Low games - These are low activity, usually sitting/circle games. These are done as a break from the more active stations. We would run through a variety of classic circle games, riddles and secret society games.

  • Rock Climbing Wall - Students will have the opportunity to try our outdoor rock climbing wall under the guidance of our trained staff. We use a top-rope belay system and all student’s wear a helmet, as per the requirement of the school district. 

  • Low Ropes Obstacle Course - Students will make their way through a selection of low obstacles.

  • Scavenger Hunt - Students will be let loose to explore the camp area to find a selection of items found in nature!

  • Crafts - While this is not always offered, there could be the chance for students to partake in a craft session with one of our staff. 


Snacks and Lunch: Students bring their own lunch and snacks and time will be allotted throughout the day for these! 

Activity Overview
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