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The difference between try and triumph is a little 'umph'

Get to Know Us

We're excited to be introducing a range of activities, classes, equipment, and opportunities for adults to be active  (both in mind and body!). Take a look below and see what tickles your fancy! These services will be offered year-round and will be geared to the idea of encouraging a community or learning, teaching, and being active!

Current Offerings

  • This class has the intention of being welcoming to all levels of pract...

    11.50 Canadian dollars
  • 11.50 Canadian dollars
  • Outdoor climbing tower. Top belay climbing open for all levels of clim...


    2 hr

    10 Canadian dollars

Yoga practices are returning to Centennial Park! They will be held fire-side in the beautiful Centennial Park Rotary Lodge

We ask that everyone bring their own mats. We will have tea, water, and space to gather should you want to connect before or after! 

Keep an eye out as these services will continue into the fall (and winter) as well as be accompanied by more activities!

Check back later

This part of the world offers the opportunity to be active and connected in different ways throughout the year! Depending on the season, availability, we will be offering different services throughout the year. 

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Cross Country Ski and Snow Shoe Rentals

Starting in the New Year we offering full cross country ski packages for both adults and youth. These are offered out of Cabin 130 beside Centennial Rotary Lodge.

Snow shoe rentals for both adults and youth will be offered out Centennial and Mapleton Lodges. 

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Fat Bike Rentals

Camp Centennial has 10 fat bikes for rent! Routine rental times will be offered in late fall/winter!

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Climbing Wall

The climbing wall is available seasonally for both experienced users as well as for people new to the sport (and everyone in-between!)

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