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What to Expect


The Run of a Day

Drop off is between 8:00am and 8:20am every morning. After "opening" each morning, the Campers will go to their own cabin. Once the day begins, the adventures could take them just about anywhere (the park is big and our imaginations are endless)! Each day ends at 4:15pm with a similar tradition of having our “Closing.” Pickup is between 4:15pm and 4:30pm. If this is not possible, please make alternate arrangements and let us know who will be picking them up.


What Each Camper Needs

Every Camper should bring a big lunch, lots of snacks, a water bottle (can be filled at Camp), swim-wear, a towel, sunscreen, bug spray, and weather appropriate clothing.


Pickup & Drop Off

Drop Off: You have two options for dropping your

Camper off in the mornings. 

  1. You can park in the large parking lot off
    St. George and walk them in

  2. You can drop them off at the roundabout! We will
    have a Counsellor there to greet the Campers and
    point them in the direction of their cabin.

  3. We ask that drop-off be done between
    8:00am and 8:20am


Pickup: We ask that parents park in the large parking

lot off St George and walk in to pick up their Campers

from their cabin. All Campers must be signed out at the

end of the day! Campers should be picked up between

4:15pm and 4:30pm. 


Campfires are a treasured part of our Camp experience. This summer, they will be Fridays starting at 4:30pm. Family, friends, and the community are welcome to join us at that time to watch the show!


Cell Phones & Electronics

Who needs them?? Not us! We ask that Campers don’t bring cell phones, iPods, or anything else that has that electronic buzz. Let’s disconnect for a while! If parents and Campers need to get a hold of each other during the day, the office phone is always available. Please ensure that your Camper does not bring those pesky electronics.


Starting & Ending Each Day

There’s lots of Camp families coming through our drop-off loop each day, which means it can get a little busy at times! We ask that you please follow our signage and directions to the drop off loop or front parking lot.


If you do want to give that extra hug before your Camper starts the day, we will ask that you park in the front parking lot (your first left when driving in) and walk your Camper into Camp! There is no parking in the drop-off loop in the mornings. 


Friendly Tip

The days are active and being outside ALL day is part of the fun. Sure, each group has their own cabin when they want to be inside, but who wants to be inside?? With that in mind it’s probably a good idea to make sure the clothes that they wear to Camp are weather-appropriate and okay to get dirty!


"If you can dream it, you can do it."

Pickup & Drop Off
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