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Our Story


Come be part of it.


Centennial Outdoor Centre (operates at Camp Centennial) is an independent social enterprise. Camp Centennial, as it is today, was started by Owen Fraser shortly after his retirement from his 34 years as a teacher. The dream of Camp Centennial, and its Summer Camps, is partly to be credited to the late Ian Fowler and the City of Moncton. It was their friendship, collaboration, and continued dedication towards the world of camping that led to the dynamic and inspiring programs that Camp and the Outdoor Centre encompass. These initiatives continued on with John Savage coming on as a partner with Owen. After Owen's passing in 2016, it is the strong community that was built around these programs that lead to its successes.


The company was incorporated in 1993 but the dream began long before that and continues to grow each season with Vince Casey as Camp Centennial's Program Coordinator.


Camp Centennial operates as an understanding and a belief towards the community and the children who grow within it. We believe in bringing the people of Moncton together to be active and energetic pieces of this incredible part of the Maritimes. We could speak of our zany habits and goofy characteristics, but if you really want to get to know us... then come see us. Our doors are open and we welcome all those who want to be a part of our Camp Magic.

"If you can dream it, you can do it."

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