What group would my camper be in?

We have programs that run all summer that when you register your camper, we place them automatically in a group. This placement is based on the age that they are as they attend camp. We also have some specialty programs that run certain weeks of the summer (Drama, Tennis, Mountain Biking ect.) 

Can my camper be in a different age group?

We have designed our camp programs (right down to the age division) very deliberately. We truly believe our program to be an educational one and that we can provide unique opportunities for campers to develop their independence, awareness, and appreciation for both themselves and the world around them – all through the conduit of having a blast together! So we keep the campers in their respective age groups deliberately and don’t move them between groups. It’s a chance for the program to be fluid with the groups and be customized to the kids that are in the specific group. We’ve found it to be an excellent way to encourage making new friends and independence.

Where can I register?

Our registrations are done online. You can click the link on the right that says "register now." If you don't have one already, make an account, then all of your information will be stored there for future registrations. If you have any questions just give us a call!

How do I pay for the week?

We highly recommend you pay by credit card when registering online. If you are not interested in doing that you can pay for your camper's week in person (at the office, over the phone, or mail in a cheque). 

When do I have to pay?

We ask that a minimum deposit be made at the time of registration. This deposit is non-refundable and non-transferable. Payment must be received in full the Monday prior to your camper attending camp. 

How do I bring my kid to camp?

We will have a counsellor at camp by 7 45 every morning. Drop offs take place at the gate but parents are welcome to come in and make sure that their child feels comfortable. By 8 o'clock all the counsellors will have arrived and be excited to welcome your kids to camp for another day!

When does camp end for a day, and how does pick up work?

Closing is at 4:15. We ask that for the end of the day you come in to pick up your child around this time. We will have a counsellor here everyday until 5:00 and ask that if you are unable to pick them up by then that you make alternative arrangements. If the child's parent or guardian is not picking them up themselves please let us know, otherwise we will not allow campers to leave without specifically handing them off to their parent or guardian.

What should my child bring to camp with him/her?

Our days are very active, so we recommend older clothes that you won't mind getting dirty. With that each camper needs a lunch, snacks, and drinks. Your child will also need proper swim gear, towel as well as sunscreen and bug spray.

Is there camp on holidays?

Yes. Our summer is 9 weeks long and every week goes Monday - Friday. The price of camp is administered for the full 5 days and we do not offer part-weeks.

What is campfire? And when is it?

Campfire always takes place on the Thursday evening of the week. It's starts at 6:30 and runs about an hour or so. It's a fun night for the kids and the community, all are welcome. Each group of campers puts on a skit, with songs led by counsellors and the odd special event. Come check it out!

What is the camp sponsorship program?

It is a set of donations from local companies and individuals who understand the huge impact that a week at summer camp can have on a child. Any donation goes to a fund that is spent completely on sending kids to camp who would not have otherwise had the opportunity to do so.

What weeks of the summer does camp run?

We run for 9 weeks. Our first week is June 25th - 29th and our last week is August 20th - 24th, 2018.

Will my Camper's counsellor be bilingual?

Yes.  Each group has at least 2 counsellors and almost all of our staff are comfortable speaking in both official languages. At minimum one of the two will be fully bilingual. Come say ‘hi’ anytime, in any language, we’d love to meet you!

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