What's Camp?

Something we learned long ago is to never underestimate the importance of having fun. We live that at Camp Centennial. So we pack each day full of it. Days at camp are filled with activities ranging from rock climbing, rappelling, low ropes course, field games, forest activities, fort building, canoeing, swimming, singing, campfires, outdoor cooking, or a whole variety of other activities.

Although fun may be the vehicle; we believe that using fun to learn allows us to create a world of new experiences that are truly valuable. Our Camp is based on a belief towards education that demands campers experience so as to learn. We know that each and every camper CAN and WILL achieve great things if they are pushed as well as supported to do so. We use the activities listed previously with the realization that it is not the activity but the experience that is of greatest value. As such we do not schedule the days to necessarily include any specific one of those activities. We do plan the days to ensure that the experiences had are valuable ones. Sitting around a campfire singing songs and cooking treats is wonderful: yet knowing that those same campers are quite likely walking away with a feeling of confidence and independence is the true value of camp.

So what does a day at Camp Centennial look like? I can’t tell you. I can’t tell you because excitement, spontaneity, and creativity are the characteristics that our staff have in common. Those characteristics are the ones that create a world inside our gates that can be totally unrecognizable to the one outside Camp. It is a world created, joined, and enjoyed by the imaginations of the campers. That is something our counsellors work hard and take pride in providing. The counsellors come from many walks of life, each with their own unique skills and personality. We all come together each spring at our trainings to learn the aspects of safety and to instil the realizations of responsibility that we hold here by hosting your children. With all of these things in mind, the experience of a day at camp combines together the leadership of the counsellors, the opportunities of our facilities, the value of our philosophies and the wonderful nature that only campers can bring to a day.

I may not be able to tell you exactly what a day at camp will look like, but I can tell you what your campers will walk away having experienced. They will experience an excited group of counsellors welcoming them into camp each morning. They will experience counsellors who provide opportunities for your camper to learn and then provide challenges for those lessons to be valued. Summer Camps provide a unique blend of independence and support. We believe songs bring people together, we believe challenges make each of us stronger, we believe being active means we get to see more, do more, and meet more! We know that it takes a blend of support and independence towards each camper that will allow them to grow. We foster that in all that we do. Where that will take us we can’t tell you exactly but we can tell you that your camper will return home at the end of the day with stories to tell, a little tired,  a lot happy, quite likely dirty – and we wouldn’t have it any other way!

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