Camp's Counsellors

It's too much fun to call it a job

Camp Centennial's counsellors are a group of young people from Greater Moncton who value education as well as having fun and know the importance of having them go hand-in-hand. It's going to be zany; it's more fun that way. 

If you're a young adult looking to work with us this summer then come let us get to know you. Start by bringing in (or sending in) a letter about yourself and a resume that explains some of the things you're most proud of. We want to get to know you, so keep that in mind when you're submitting those to us. 

Summers at Camp Centennial are incredible and they are made largely based on the dedication of each and every one of our staff. As we tell our staff every summer, we strongly encourage you to undertake this challenge: but do so knowing expectations are high! We provide, and request, that all of our staff attend 2 weekends of Camp Centennial's in-house training, Paddle Canada's Canoe Certification, Bronze Medallion and Bronze Cross (2nd year staff), Standard Workplace First Aid training with CPR Level 3 and AED, as well as a background check. 

We begin accepting applications January 1st and ask that they be submitted by early March, at the latest. 

"The only difference between try and triumph is a little 'umph'"

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