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Camp Centennial is looking for a full-time and year-round addition to our leadership team. 

Camp Centennial is an independent social enterprise. We’ve been operating in Moncton for over 25 years. We are best known for our Summer Camp and outdoor experiential education programs that we offer during the spring and summer months. We also offer a variety of community-based services ranging from facility rentals, seasonal recreational programs, to school related educational programs. 

We are a unique organization that is community based but privately operated. Our program, our organization management, and our expectations are all based on the same ideals. We strive to embody and educate our Campers to be independent, to be connected to each other, and to be a version of themselves that they can be proud of. Those same expectations are expected from each and every member of Camp, including our leadership staff. That means something different for each person, but there are some expected commonalities: being active, hard-working, and being connected to those around you but with a sense of your own independence. 

What is the position? We’re looking for someone to join our year-round leadership team! Camp’s programs and tasks vary greatly from season to season, the responsibilities for this position will also vary throughout the year. The dynamic nature of the position allows for a flexible and changing day-to-day. They will operate as a meaningful contributor to Camp with a focus on the following:

Community Recreation Programs:We offer equipment and guidance to help facilitate people in the park that are keen to be active! The person in this position will help grow this side of the organization with activities and responsibilities including:

  • Responsible for the cross-country ski and snow shoe community equipment rentals.
  • Responsible for the community climbing wall access. 
  • Help manage school, community, and local business groups to access the recreation infrastructure and resources we have at the Camp.


Event Management: We host a large number of groups that choose to rent out the Centennial or Mapleton Lodge. The person in this position will be responsible for:

  • Being a point of contact for bookings
  • Help build meaningful relationships with those looking to host their event with us.
  • Prepare the facility to the needs of the group. 
  • Administrative tasks to coordinate such events

Summer Camp:Our largest endeavour is the 8 weeks of school programs and 9 weeks of Summer Camp that we run every year. With over 1500 Campers and 30 seasonal staff, the person in this position will be responsible for the continuity of the year-round programs as well as aid in the Summer Camp. 

Who: Camp is all about a positive attitude! What we need from the individual is an open mind to being a part of this community we call Camp! We can offer a variety of training, support, and opportunities for growth but the position requires an individual who is able to work independently and willing to learn. As far as credentials go, these are some things we’d be interested in hearing about:

  • Education: Whether it be undergraduate, diploma, or alternative educations, we value the drive for learning.
  • Certified or willing to obtain a variety of certifications. Such as safety and recreation-based courses (Standard First Aid, Paddle Canada Canoe Certification, Cross Country Skiing, ect).
  • Bilingualism: we try to connect well with those around us. Whether you’re currently bilingual or willing to improve, we’re keen to facilitate that communication.
  • Active lifestyle: we’re looking for people looking to be active members of the community! Both physically active and committed to the community around us. 

Some important conditions to consider:The following are aspects of the position that are important for you to be aware of.

  • Comfortable working with electronic medias (Microsoft office products, Social Media, ect). 
  • Must have driver’s license
  • Ability to lift up to 40 lbs and be active during work hours 
  • Willingness to work days, weekends, and/or evenings.
  • The position is full-time. A minimum of 35/hours a week with the possibility of more hours. 
  • Position will begin as a 6-month contract with the option for another 6-month renewal. There is the possibility for a permanent contract after that time. 

Applications can be sent to Office@CampCentennial.ca or dropped off in person at the Camp office!

Camp Counsellor Position (hiring closed for 2019 season)

Camp Centennial's counsellors are a group of young people from Greater Moncton who value education as well as having fun and know the importance of having them go hand-in-hand. It's going to be zany; it's more fun that way. 

If you're a young adult looking to work with us this summer then come let us get to know you. Start by bringing in (or sending in) a letter about yourself and a resume that explains some of the things you're most proud of. We want to get to know you, so keep that in mind when you're submitting those to us. 

Summers at Camp Centennial are incredible and they are made largely based on the dedication of each and every one of our staff. As we tell our staff every summer, we strongly encourage you to undertake this challenge: but do so knowing expectations are high! We provide, and request, that all of our staff attend 2 weekends of Camp Centennial's in-house training, Paddle Canada's Canoe Certification, Bronze Medallion and Bronze Cross (2nd year staff), Standard Workplace First Aid training with CPR Level 3 and AED, as well as a background check. We view these trainings as opportunities for ourselves. To develop both our skills and our attitude. 

Counsellors coming into Camp come from a variety of backgrounds! We don't look for any specific skillset but we are looking for the right people. We are looking for dynamic individuals who are capable and excited to learn new things. People who are open minded to realizing their capacities to have positive impacts on others and are willing to have a tonne of fun doing so!

We begin accepting applications January 1st. We finish our hiring by late February. 

"The only difference between try and triumph is a little 'umph'"

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