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Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Hello there,

Whoa, twice in a reasonable amount of time! I really am doing better!

In the mean-time, we have some HUGE news. As most of you inevitably already know, or at least anyone who has driven by St. George Blvd lately knows, Centennial Park is getting a new pool! This new facility is well on its way and will be an exciting addition to Summer 2019!


What fewer people might know, is that we’re ALSO getting a new climbing wall for Summer 2019! We have continued our partnership with the City of Moncton and thanks to their ongoing support of our programs, we’re getting a new wall! Construction has already begun and the plan is to have it up, ready, and routed (not sure that’s the right use of that word… but I meant it will have climbing routes on it) for our Spring school programs! Take a look at the renderings of what it will look like. Not only will it be new, but we have decided to have it built back in the woods a bit more: where the tire park (used to) be.


We will check-back again soon with more updates!


All the best!



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