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Friday, November 09, 2018

Hello again!

It seems like I am only ever writing on this when there are BIG announcements. I really do mean to stay in better touch here… I’ll keep trying to do better.


Today I am writing in reflection of a pretty amazing event that Camp Centennial was lucky enough to host the last week of October. 

Many of you know and recognize the educational and developmental goals that Camp Centennial tries to accomplish through its experiential education program (all those big words translate to, Camp is about kids having fun and learning how to do things). A lot of those lessons that we pass along to our Campers come from a network of Camps across the country and around the world! How many of you knew that Camp Centennial is a member of the NB Camping Association and the Canadian Camping Association? Even more than a member, CC has a long history of supplying both organizations with Presidents, Treasurers, Board Members,  and volunteers. Our own Owen Fraser was winner of the CCA’s “Jack Pearse Award of Honour” and Nick Kitchen was awarded the “Excellence in Camping” award. Interested in seeing more about the CCA?


Well, to cap all of that off, CC hosted 30 Camp professionals from across Canada for the annual National Leadership Forum. Furthermore, the NBCA invited three special guests: Tom Rosenberg, CEO of the American Camping Association, Pablo Casas the President of the Mexican Camping Association, and Jane McCutcheon who is a past-President of the CCA, private Camp Consultant, and long-time friend of CC and myself(John)!

I think you would be proud of that good-ole Maritime hospitality that Camp Centennial shared to these folks. Nick cooked up a storm of “Maritime Flavours” ranging from seared scallops to donairs! Vince played tour-guide and made it to all the hot spots (multiple times). Our own Kelly Fraser led a phenomenal singsong! My own highlight was a mix of seeing the CC gang doing such an incredible job, as well as the opportunity I had to lead a panel discussion with Tom, Pablo, and Jane (I was a bit star-struck!). 


Here’s a photo of the crew that was there for 3 days! 

Camp Centennial is a small piece of a big industry. An industry based in education and experiences. It’s an important one, these days more than ever! We’re proud to be doing it here in NB!


All the best,



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