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It's Week 3!!!
Monday, July 09, 2018

Hello friends!

Awwww geez. It happened again. We blinked and spring was gone! More than that, we're 1/3 deep into Summer! There have been sing-songs, campfires, swimming, turtle chasing (much higher speed than you'd think), and a whole lotta laughs! But before I go into the summer shinanigans I want to take a minute to reflect on some of the projects of Spring 2018!

Spring Staff 2018 was a collection of 13 counsellors, Vince, Nick, Sarah and I! We had our work cut our for us! The gang painted the inside of almost every cabin here at Centennial (as well as a fair bit of the inside of the lodge). We got the place ready for all of those special guests that tend to arrive throughout the summer. Plenty of days were spent cleaning, organizing, re-organizing, and then cleaning some more! But the most exciting projects might have been out at the "the land." Take a look at some of the highlights:



This is some of the Camp Family visiting the KENT homes modular building plant in Bouctouche. They're the ones that built 11 Owen's Way!

This is from the early days of April! Vince, Nick, Tim, and I got started on those chilly mornings building our first bunk cabins!

In 2 short weeks we got two of these babies built! 

And then our modular building arrived! What an incredible parking job! 

Even with all of that work, you can bet there was plenty of time for foolishness

It was like unwrapping the biggest gift ever! With a bunch of work to be done...

But look at it now! 

And remember those bunk cabins that started in April? Don't they look great?? 

All in time (mostly) for SUMMER 2018! 

So for all of you parents out there wondering what this mystical place called "the land" is, you'll have to wait a little bit longer before our first Family Camp... But until then, it is worth knowing that it is not unlike all aspects of Camp. It's growing, it's learning, it has a whole lot of character, and we're excited to be around it! I'll check back in soon with more news of Summer 2018!

All the best!








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