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Owen's Way
Thursday, March 29, 2018

Hey folks!

I’ll start with an announcement. I got an email from GNB confirming the name of the lane that runs through our new property. It has been named “Owen’s Way.” So everything we build there, will be on Owen’s Way. We are excited to get 1 Owen’s Way built this spring (as well as 2 and 3)!

Naming the road mostly translates to a sign post and some words on envelopes in the future… but like Camp has taught us, a small act can have great meaning.

This spring we will be building THREE buildings out there! We will do our best to keep this channel up-to-date with photos and updates as we go. There definetly be silly stories and funny happenings to keep share, after all “things are more fun when there is a little foolishness around.”

As we continue to build the foundations for this new program we plan to share some of the “behind the scenes” thinking that we have been operating on for so many years (over 25 to date)! As it turns out, the days of summer fun aren’t completely random!

Each year, our program starts to take shape with the determination of who our counsellors will be! It starts with the invitation to some of the returning staff to be a part of our program again. Then, it turns to new hires. All of these decisions are based on the attitude that our programs rely heavily on our counsellors. And because we strive to have a dynamic, ambitious, creative program, we need dynamic, ambitious, creative counsellors. Here is a quick process of our thinking:

  • We really want to build up Campers. We want to do that by allowing them all to have as many experiences as we can give them during the time that we have them at Camp. From Canoeing, to singing, to hitting trees with sticks… they ALL have value. The largest value comes from the feeling of being comfortable with oneself while exploring (both literally and figuratively!) as well challenged.
  • If we want to build up our Campers, we need our Counsellors to know how to do that. The best way to build one person up, is to show them what that looks like. That’s where our (rigorous) training schedule comes in every Spring. Long story short – all of our staff end up spending a lot of weekends together. (2 CC trainings, Paddle Canada Canoe certification, Bronze Cross, Bronze Medallion, Standard First Aid).

Okay… we got kind of deep there. I’m going to sign off for a while, but I want to leave you with a couple things:

  1. Next time, I’ll add photos… so come back again!
  2. Mother Nature is only playing hard to get… Spring WILL arrive!

All the best, my friends!

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