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Centennial Lodge

Lodge Rentals & Catering

We offer the opportunity to rent both the Centennial Park Rotary lodge and Mapleton Park Rotary Lodge. Each facility offers its own chracter and comfortable appeal for a variety of possibilities for your event.

We offer a variety of programs and services for both facilities. From full-service catering and Wifi, to liquor services, to simply opening the doors and allowing you to have the chance to host as you see fit, we’re happy to chat and see if your event would work at these wonderful locations! Check out our facility rental and catering prices.

If you’re ready to book you’re welcome to give us a shout to check the date, then fill out the rental request form found here. We will contact you to confirm the booking right away. If you have any other questions or comments about what we offer or would like to book the facility, give us a shout, you can access our contact info by clicking here. We hope to see you soon!

Mapleton Park Lodge
Centennial Park Lodge