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Expérience centenaire

We all know just how meaningful being outdoors, active, and surrounded by a close community can be. That's always what filled our summers! Starting this year, we figured why not make that happen throughout the year! We're thrilled to be offering "the Centennial Expereince." This program will encompass much of what means the most to us at Camp. Through meaningful experiences (like all those Camp activities we know and love) and connections with our peers, we guaruntee the Camp Experience will be a blast!

When: Every Tuesday from September 28th through to December 7th. 5:45pm to 7:30pm

Who: Any Campers aged 9 through 11

Where: Camp Centennial. 125 Rotary Lodge Lane, Moncton NB.

Cost: $260 + tax

What does my Camper need: All equipment will be provided by the Camp. We ask that Campers have appropriate outdoor clothing but outside of that they do not require any specialty items. 

Activities: Activities will vary each week but will include full use of the Camp's resources. From climbing and low ropes to crafts, campfires, and outdoor cooking!

Why: We recognize the value of kids being active, outdoors, and connected. This is something we pride ourselves on doing well and believe now is an important time to offer those opportunities.  

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