COVID related updates for Camp

COVID Update

July 10th

Hello Camp Family!

This is it, we're here! Summer has arrived! We have a lot of information to share so please feel free to reach out if you have any questions on any of it!

  1. We have done an exhaustive review of our program and made changes to ensure that the likelihood of transmitting disease is mitigated. 
  2. We have made these changes with the realization that the intent of our program should not change. We are committed to offering those crucially important connections and experiences for young people to learn and develop and have a great deal of fun while we’re at it!

Operational Plan: to ensure the safety of Campers and their families, we have implemented a number of changes to our regular operations. They can be found in detail by checking out our updated operational plan found here.

We have reached out to all registered Camp families to ensure that they are aware of the following changes:

Payments: We halted automatic payments over the last few months. With the uncertainty, we decided to move everyone to the same plan. All balances will be charged 1 week prior to the Camper’s attendance onto the credit card used for the deposit. If you have any concerns with this or would like us to make alternative payment arrangements, please let us know more than 1 week in advance of your Camper’s attendance.

Refunds: Normally our policy is that deposits are non-refundable. Given the level of trust and understanding we need from every family, and that a large number of our Camp families are experiencing uncertainty, we have decided to waive this policy for Summer 2020. Upon request of cancelation, we will fully refund payments made.

Camp Grounds: Camp is for Campers! Now more than ever. We have decided to make out grounds Camper-only. This means that there is no through-fare and no parent visits inside the grounds. Pickup and Drop-off will be done out at the roundabout and if you ever need us during the day you can pull up to the gate and call the office. We would be happy to come chat. Details on drop off and pickup will be sent out closer to Camp.

Screening: Campers will be screened by their families each morning. We ask that families please not bring their Camper if they are showing any signs/symptoms of COVID-19. 

Camp Fires: Our Thursday BBQs and Campfires are a treasured part of the summer. Unfortunately, we do not believe we could host everyone in a safe and responsible way. As such, we will not be putting on our weekly Campfires on Thursdays. Campers will go home at 4:15pm like all other days. That being said, we do have some new traditions in the works to make the most of it!

Out Trips: We are thrilled by the announcement from GNB that overnight Camps can operate as long as they are adhering to the guidelines. As such, our out-trips are a go!

For this program to be a full success we need everyone to work together and understand the changes we’ve made. We have full faith in our procedures and our people to ensure a wonderful Camp Summer!

We look forward to seeing you this summer!

All the best,


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