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Fall programming

Closed for the season

Camp Centennial is excited to say that we’re looking to share our awesome new rock wall! 

Cost for participants under sixteen: $8.70 + tax ($10.00)
Cost for participants over sixteen: $13.03 + tax ($15.00)

Waivers are required prior to participating. They can be done upon arrival or ahead of time by clicking here. 

How does it work? Each climber needs a buddy to belay them (that’s the safety line that everyone climbs with). You can either come with someone you know or you're welcome to make friends here. You can drop in and stay for as long as you want. There are 5 climbing lanes which means 5 people can be climbing at a time. For times when we have lots of people from the community, we will take turns climbing. While someone is climbing someone else is responsible for belaying. We require people to take a belay course prior to being responsible for belaying a climber. This course takes about 20 minutes. 

We will be offering the belay course every hour on the hour so if you have not taken the course but would like to come and belay a climber, we ask that you please show up shortly before the hour. 

Staff will be there to greet you, explain how things work, run the belay course as well as support and guidance for climbers and belayers on the wall. 

Winter programs will start in the New Year! We will be offering snow shoe, fat bike, and cross country ski rentals. There will be rentals offered at both Centennial and Mapleton Park!

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